FARMINGTON — Tracy Williams, Principal of W.G. Mallett School in Farmington, gave an administrative report to Regional School Unit 9 board of directors, showcasing data that marks the improvement of math and literacy scores.

A graph showing the standardized test scores of W.G. Mallett School students. It was included in Principal Tracy Williams’ administrative report on Tuesday, May 9, with the RSU 9 board of directors. Brian Ponce/Franklin Journal

Her report showed the math and literacy scores of students from kindergarten to second grade from fall of last year to March. In terms of literacy, Mallett’s kindergarten students started the year with 64% proficiency or exceeding and 36% below or partially below proficiency. In March, 79% were proficient or exceeded their rate of proficiency, with only 21% below proficiency.

Literacy proficiency among first and second graders mirrored the same trend, with first graders increasing their rate of proficiency from 47% to 65% by March, a difference of 18% over the school year.

As for their proficiency in math, kindergarten and first graders saw a sharp decrease in those below proficiency mid-year, with kindergarten math dropping from 30% below proficiency to 11%. First grade had gotten to five percent mid-year. However, those numbers below proficiency jumped back up to 30% [kindergarten] and 28% [first grade] in March.

“I’m just curious on the graphs,” director Joshua Robbins of Vienna said. “Does the expected proficiency from fall to mid-year to March, does that change at all? Or is that the same proficiency level that they’re being evaluated?”

“It does change,” Williams stated. “It is kind of a moving target. At the start of the year, our kindergartners are measured in letter ID and letter sounds. So, it’s very much items, really. Do [they] know letters, what sounds are supposed to make. But in this third column, in March, they’re actually being assessed at reading text.”


“Those two scores reflect very different parts of the process,” she added.

“So, they’re improving, overall, but they’re also improving based on more difficult tests,” Robbins said.

“Right, there is a higher level of complexity, and that is actually true of math as well,” Williams stated. “Again, it bears much more time to really do it justice, but that in a nutshell, yes, it gets more complex.”

Principal Tracy Williams of W.G. Mallett School explains items in her report to the RSU 9 board. Brian Ponce/Franklin Journal

Also in her report, Williams noted an improvement in student attendance, but staff attendance is still an issue with absenteeism still higher than pre-COVID-19. Enrollment is also sitting at 337 students, which she notes is the highest since long before COVID-19.

Williams also opened by sharing a Teacher Appreciation Breakfast that was held the morning of Tuesday, May 9, sponsored by the PTA.

“That again is a great sign of going back to pre-COVID times because we haven’t done that for years,” Williams stated.

The Franklin County Fiddlers also made an appearance, with several members having attended Mallett when they were children.

“It’s just always so gratifying to see them with their facial hair,” she shared. “It was great. It’s wonderful to see the full cycle and just how talented they are.”

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