Mark Beauregard

The Rangeley Board of Selectmen started the new month with a May 1st meeting.  Chairperson Cyndy Egan offered condolences on behalf of the Town to the Philbrick family in response to the recent passing of Steve Philbrick.
Becky Bowering, Business Solutions Officer of Franklin Savings Bank (FSB), gave a presentation on interest rates available to the Town on their deposits.  She informed the Board that there is a special four week Certificate of Deposit that yields 4.59% available to municipalities and non profits.  This CD has no cap, keeps the funds local and is FDIC insured.  A longer term, seven month standard CD, yielding 4.59% is also available to the Town.
The Selectmen authorized the Town Manager to offer for sale the 2015 Ford Explorer police cruiser.  The vehicle will be sold online using the Munici-Bid platform with the minimum bid no less than half the Kelly Blue Book valuation.
The Town Manager was authorized to increase the milage reimbursement rate from the current 62.5 cents per mile to 65.5 cents.  Rangeley uses the IRS reimbursement rate not the State of Maine rate which is 46 cents per mile.
The Selectmen agreed to have the Town Manager sign a one year contract renewal with Dove Cleaning at the existing terms.  Dove Cleaning cleans the Rangeley Town Office, the Rangeley Comfort Station, the Oquossoc Comfort Station and the Snow Removal Equipment Building located at the airport.  Next year these cleaning services will be subject to a Request For Proposals (RFP).
The Board members voted to issue a RFP for banking services.  The last time an RFP was released in 2017 the Town selected Franklin Savings Bank for a five year term.  While discussing Town banking Chairperson Cyndy Egan wanted the Town to invest more money into a short term, higher yield product.  She suggested one million dollars.  Town Manager Joe Roach replied that he thought the Board could be more aggressive and invest four million dollars.  Selectperson Shelly Lowell stated she has repeatedly been asking for a Treasurer’s report so that the Selectmen could know how much money the Town had in the bank which would allow them to make good recommendations.  The Town Manager said that they had nine million dollars in Franklin Savings Bank.  The Selectmen then voted to invest four million dollars in a four week CD that yields 4.59%.
The Town Manager informed the Selectmen that the 1998 Sewer Improvement Bond matured and has been paid in full.  This $350,000.00 bond was obtained through the Maine Municipal Bond Bank.
During mud season many local roads have posted weight restrictions placed on them so that damage to them by heavy vehicles is minimized as the frost comes out of the ground.  Locally, this results in the Poland Spring water trucks going through Rangeley empty and full rather than just when they are empty.  This increased travel frequency causes the public to notice them more.
Members of the public asked Selectmen how much water Poland Springs was allowed to annually extract from the Dallas Plantation aquifer where the Town of Rangeley also gets it’s water.  The permit that Poland Springs has allows them to extract 184,000,000 gallons each year from that aquifer.
The Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway was the only scenic byway in the State to be awarded a Scenic Byway Grant.  This approximately $500,000.00 grant is intended for Gateway Projects.  More grant details will be available in the near future.
The final public hearing on the Annual Town Meeting Warrant will be May 15, 2023 at 5:30pm immediately followed by the regularly scheduled Board of Selectmen’s meeting.

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