To the Editor:

The Town of Bethel Ethel Bisbee School Lot Committee is now in the process of considering and evaluating possible uses for the Ethel Bisbee Lot. Such use may include municipal use, sale, or lease of all or a portion of the land.

In an effort to consider a wide range of impacts and benefits to the Town, the Committee is eager to share progress updates, meeting updates, and other opportunities with Bethel citizens and community stakeholders.

If you are interested in following along with our progress, please visit and provide your preferred email address.
Thank you for your interest in being involved with this exciting community project.

Bridget Remington (Chair)

Katie Getchell (Vice Chair)

Beth Allen

Travis Brooks

Faye Christoforo

Sarah DeCato

Lee Hughes

Charlie Raymond

Tom Zicarelli

The Ethel Bisbee Lot Committee

Meryl Kelly

Select Board Member)

Jim Bennett

Former chair, 2017

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