I’ve remained silent about the ongoing budget dispute between the Lisbon Educational Association and the Lisbon School Committee and superintendent.

However, the recent termination of Rick Beaulé, who was not only a teacher, but also the LEA president, compelled me to write this letter.

While the facts of Rick’s dismissal are being kept under wraps, he’s garnered support from both his peers and students who have spoken publicly in support of him.

It seems that if the Lisbon School Committee and superintendent can’t or won’t release all information related to his termination publicly, then the only other reason for his termination must be that he’s fighting to get a good union contract for the Lisbon teaching staff.

Rick has spoken of low wages for teachers and difficulties in retaining or obtaining enough of them. He believes Lisbon students deserve better.

Education and taxes are complex and, understandably, a hot button issue for some; however, we do get what we pay for, and if Rick’s assessments are correct, then the district’s children are paying the price. Those students deserve a strong, stable educational system; not one with consistent teacher turnover.

Lisbon residents should tell their superintendent, school committee, and council members that Rick should be reinstated immediately, and that they should bargain with the LEA in good faith, and perhaps reconsider their choice of superintendent.

As parents, we always say how want the best for our kids. Well, here is our chance.

Joseph Mailey, Auburn

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