To the Editor:

Teenagers make some scream! However, some run toward them with open arms! Rosemary Bunn has volunteered at the Telstar complex since 2017, and is now back after a couple years of a COVID intermission. As a writing coach, she has gifted scores of students in essay writing. I feel fortunate to have the pleasure to work with her in my classroom. Together we wrangle 7th graders into writers. She lovingly calls us the Ernie and Bert of middle school English.

Our collaboration has been a highlight for me! Her breadth of experience and knowledge has been invaluable and an asset to Telstar. Her humor and connection with the students is evidence of her care and concern for the SAD 44 area. Typically, she co-plans a lesson and co-leads instruction each Thursday of the academic school year with me. She can be found volunteering in other areas in the greater Bethel area. She is an inspiration. I wanted to celebrate and recognize the goodness she brings to our community. She is a humble and quiet resident, but I wanted to shine a light on her goodness.

Many thanks to Rosemary and all those who dedicate their time to love and support others in our area. You make a difference! We need you. Thank you.

Amy Lilly

7th grade ELA teacher 

Telstar Middle School


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