I write in response to Michael Boom’s opinion (May 6) that “artificial intelligence is nothing more than a bad joke that’s been played out beyond its ability to be believed.”

A.I. is a reality. It was discovered by error in an electronics lab and not fully realized at that time. It is known that machinery developed with future robots in mind are very high-tech computers. In time these machines will be able to reproduce themselves and will contain every word that has been written by man; therefore the knowledge of those words.

In the not-too-distant future the world will see what the future will likely become.

Will humans be able to pull the plug or will the computers be able to reconnect themselves sans man? What if they will decide what is best for them with no regard to humans? Would they be able to use first strike on their enemy? Who would A.I. decide to attack, other computers or man?

I say to Mr. Boom, this is something that every human will have to confront and an issue that must be acted on now.

Donald J. Bernard, Auburn

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