Maryam Emami, Rangeley High School’s History and Graphics Communication teacher has been named Franklin County’s Teacher of the Year. With over 500 teachers nominated throughout Maine, 16 were recognized by their counties and now are moving on to vie for Maine’s lone teacher of the year award. The 16 teachers, initially nominated by students, colleagues, parents, and community members, were then “selected by a panel of teachers, principals, and business community members from within their communities.”

Ms. Emami, along with her 15 county cohorts, attended a ceremony in the Augusta State House’s Hall of Flags for public recognition. Family, friends, and legislators gathered as last year’s teacher of the year, Matthew Bernstein, named this year’s recipients along with Governor Mills who handed each their award.

Maryam earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Asian Studies and Religion from the University of Vermont; she also earned a Master of Science in Education degree, and an Administrator Certificate, from the University of Maine at Farmington.

Maryam Emami is the whole package: Master teacher, advisor/mentor, Leadership Team member, Quiz Bowl coach, and a sundry of numerous other responsibilities and roles she assumes without expectation of recognition or compensation. Maryam began her teaching career before the ubiquity of cellphones and the internet, when “MySpace was the big thing,” she said, “and over time technology has become more omnipresent, and now students have access to smartphones, laptops, and even AI.”

Ms. Emami with In-laws Linda and Kit Caspar

She embodies the teacher’s mission of keeping the best interests of the student first at all times. Maryam lives the highest ideals of what makes an historian a historian. Her mastery of content knowledge is unsurpassed. I taught beside Maryam for 17 years as she taught freshmen – seniors, AP, honors, Humanities, and graphics. I witnessed an educator dedicated to the future of her students. Her primary aim is to instill a sense of connectedness and civic-mindedness within her students. Semester after semester, year after year, for over 28 years, Maryam Emami’s dedication to the sanctity of providing an equitable education to all has remained the driving force behind her purpose. I’ve always known Maryam, along with every student she’s ever had, to be the exemplar of what fine teaching can be when the teacher is completely dedicated to their craft. The world deserves and needs and benefits from the likes of Maryam Emami.

She shared, “I feel extremely fortunate and thankful for my colleagues and students who consistently inspire me with their achievements and contributions. I am truly honored to be a member of the Rangeley community.” Congratulations, Ms. Emami. You make Rangeley proud.

Maryam Emami and daughter Silvi Emami-Greifendorf

Good friends Emami and Straub

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