Congratulations to the winners of the fall 2022 bowling season, “Moose Alley” and winter season winners “Masterbowlers”!

Each team of 4 “Twisted Tuesday” Moose Alley league bowlers competed for 14 consecutive weeks this past fall and a total of 16 weeks this past winter.

With the season officially ending before the spring and summer schedules get too busy to play, a celebratory banquet was held on May 23rd so the winners could proudly receive their awards, statistics could be shared, and the group could say farewell until the next season.

Some of those impressive stats are as follows:

FALL 2022
Most Improved Average (Men)
Mike Smith +18
Connie Cowper +13
Rusty Shorey +11.05

Most Improved Average (Women)
Karen Quimby +7.14
Sheri Oldham +6.51
Margaret White +5.32


MVP Match Points (Men)
Dave Rodway 44 points 62.86%
Bob Gross 42 points 60%
Russell French 42 points 64.62

MVP Match Points (Women)
Sheri Oldham 40 points 61.54%
Karen Quimby 39 points 65%
Margie Jameson 36 points 51.43%


Most Improved Average (Men)
Ronnie Cowper +9.31
Ray Searles +6.71
Andy Binger +6.12

Most Improved Average (Women)
Zenna Innes +9.33
Margaret White +6.95
Cindy Watson +6.50

MVP Match Points (Men)
Steve Jamison 49 points 61.25%
Ronnie Cowper 48 points 60.06%
Bob Leroux 47.5 points 59.38%


MVP Match Points (Women)
Karen Quimby 48.5 points 69.79%
Kathy Ferguson 43 points 53.75%
Margie Jamison 42.5 points 53.13%



Congratulations also to the rest of the Twisted Tuesday Moose Alley League bowlers who completed another fun and competitive season!




Winter Winners the “Masterbowlers” from left: Seth Mayberry, Rebecca Birch, Rusty Shorey, and Karen Quimby” Stephanie Chu-O’Neil



Fall 2022 Winners “Moose Alley” from left: Steve Grant, Bob Leroux, Russell French and Mike Smith Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

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