VROOM my grandpa is showing me how to to pull start the snowmobile. The next thing I know I fell on the ground the cold snow felt like an avalanche and all I could feel was the freezing cold.
You would be freezing too if you came up for a trip to my Grandparent’s house. You can take a ride on the snowmobile. You will see Marvin the horse run out of his pen because he’s a free range pony. You will hear the generator starting up because that’s the only way you can use wifi. You may also hear the chainsaw revving up, hopefully the chain doesn’t fall off! You will hear the dog barking and the cat meowing. You will hear the stream running out back. You will see my uncle putting stuff in his little car. You hear the horse neighing. You will see my uncle packing up to go skiing. You will feel the wind in your hair. Inside you will smell Brussels sprouts steaming in butter and they smell amazing. Even if you don’t love Brussels sprouts, you will love the ones that my grandpa makes. Make sure you pack your snow gear, because you may take a trip to Canada.
That’s why you should take a trip to my grandparents’ house.

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