NO. LIVERMORE — At the May 28 North Livermore Baptist Church service, the congregation was welcomed by Pastor Bonnie Higgins at 9:30 a.m. to begin the service. The Invocation/Lord’s Prayer were recited. The hymns that were sung were “America, The Beautiful”, “Standing on the Promises”, and “The Church’s One Foundation” The service ended with “Go Now in Peace”. Linda Lyman is the organist and Janet Diaz is the pianist each week. Lew Lyman leads the music for the congregation each week.

The sermon, titled “Is Church Important” reading the scripture from Romans 1:8-12. Pastor Bonnie began by explaining about Pentecost and how that was the beginning of The Church that was created by Jesus. Ten days earlier from Pentecost, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to all those who believe in Him so we will never be far away from Him. Pentecost marks the birthday of The Church and to let us know that the primary purpose of the church is to spread the love of Jesus everywhere on this earth.

We know that there are so many reasons for each of us not to go to church, our culture we live in today, gives us many reasons not to go. Satan places things in our paths that take our mind off God so we won’t go and worship with other believers and praise the One who died for us on a cross.

Some of the reasons God gives us to go to church is to give something. We should be encouraging others to seek God more. While we are at church, we also need to get something. We get benefited by worshipping God, through the music, the message, scriptures, even from a smile and a handshake from someone. We walk away with more blessings than when we walked into the church.

We go to church for hope for tomorrow. We find hope in Jesus and what He has done for us, and we celebrate it with other believers. We also go because we can’t do God’s mission by ourselves, we need others. We need others, not only to spread the news of Jesus, but also for us to grow in our faith. We need each other to help us stay accountable to God and to stay faithful to Him.

Now, we know why we need to go to church, we need to be reminded we are The Church. As we have come to salvation and accepted Jesus as our personal Savior, we become part of His Church. Jesus has said He would build His Church, meaning the building is a building housing a church not The Church. As followers of Christ, we are a vital body of many parts, and can do the work that Jesus has for us to do. No where in the Bible does it say that people should be doing God’s work alone, we need to be in a community of other believers to enhance God’s plans.

To be The Church, we believers must meet to praise and worship to God for the things He has done for each of us. We meet each week in a building to be The Church God has called us to be and to take the message to our communities.

Announcements listed in the bulletin are that the congregation will be collecting canned spaghetti sauce for the Food Pantry in the month of June. Bible Study is at 1 p.m. on Tuesdays. On June 3: Deacons and Trustees meetings. We are collecting for ABCOM offering this month. The AA meetings are held on Friday nights at the church.

For information, check out our website at You can email the church at Pastor Bonnie’s office hours are Monday and Tuesday from 9 a.m. to noon. Pastor Bonnie will not be in the office on Monday, May 29 because of Memorial Day.

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