Once upon a time, there was a refrigerator and a freezer that lived side by side in peace. For years, people in the village commented on how well the two got along.

Then one day there was a change. When the fridge’s door was closed, the freezer’s door would pop open a bit and did require a small push to close. The villagers pleaded with the freezer to return to its former behavior, but it would not listen.

“Woe is me,” said the leading lady of the village. “The sacred oracle, In Ter Net, must be consulted. The freezer, no doubt, has fallen victim to some evil enchantment beyond our ken. Go forth,” she said to her husband, “and consult.”

The husband did as bidden and made the perilous journey to consult the wise and all-knowing In Ter Net. What he learned both amazed and dismayed him.

“O valiant one,” said In Ter Net. “The answer you seek is not one, but many. Be brave and do as I bid, and you shall dispel the spirit that possesses your freezer. Listen now—and watch—and I will provide you with visions that will guide you.”

And so the husband, obedient soul that he was, observed the visions and returned to the village.


“O my husband,” said the woman with a mixture of hope and misgiving, “what said the wise and all-knowing In Ter Net? Gave he the answer you sought?”

“Yes, my love. He gave me a series of visions that are now jumbled in my head. But I shall do my best to banish the evil spirit that possesses our ailing freezer.

“He said that the freezer and refrigerator are not separate entities, but are one—even breathing and sharing the same air. When the fridge’s door is closed, it is not evil for the pressure of the air to pass through to the freezer and cause its door to pop open briefly. But the fact that the door does not close again is of great concern.”

“He gave me a series of quests that I shall now undertake. If I fail, I beg you not to banish me, for verily I go forth with a good heart and worthy intentions.”

The woman gave him an encouraging look and bid him to make the attempt.

Quest one was to check the rubber linings of the doors, which were in good health.


Quest two involved making sure the two doors were level, which they were not. The freezer door was about a quarter inch higher. A magical adjustment screw was located and raised the fridge door a bit.

Quest three was to see if the front of the beast was higher than the back. It was not but rather was perfectly level. A raising of the front wheels made the thing just off balance enough for the doors to close properly and remain closed as before.

And lo and behold, the husband was not banished, and the man and his wife sang the praises of the all-knowing you-know-who.

The end.

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