The people of Lewiston are very fortunate to have a dedicated person who cares for our city, our community.

With a proven track record, Mayor Carl Sheline is invested in Lewiston. He is a businessman and also owns property in our community.

Carl has been a great ambassador for Lewiston, especially keeping us aware of Lake Auburn rezoning requests. Carl cares about the water quality of Lake Auburn and is concerned for its protection and any mandated filtration system.

If the current Auburn plans for construction on the lake go forward, this could cost Lewiston residents millions of dollars to build a filtration system.

We always know where Carl Sheline stands on important issues facing Lewiston: economic growth, housing for people, and fixing roads and sidewalks.

Having served 10 years as a city councilor and council president it is my pleasure to throw my support to Carl Sheline for mayor.

Paul Poliquin, Lewiston

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