A heavy rainstorm Thursday afternoon, June 29, left many roads and driveways in the Jay area inaccessible. Damage to the Look Brook Circle is seen in this photo. Photo courtesy D.J. Campbell

This driveway is seen after floodwaters receded Thursday afternoon, June 29, on Look Brook Circle in Jay. The license plate is quite fitting, given the situation. Photo courtesy D.J. Campbell

On Thursday afternoon, June 29, people study the damage left after floodwaters receded on Look Brook Circle in Jay. It was estimated six inches of rain fell in three hours. Photo courtesy D.J. Campbell

Heavy rain left many roads and driveways damaged Thursday afternoon, June 29, in Jay. Part of the banking washed onto the driveway at Jay-Niles Memorial as seen Friday. Photo courtesy Jessi Harnden

Friday, June 30, a washout is seen across from My Dad’s Place in North Jay. Heavy rains Thursday afternoon caused damage to many roads in the area. Photo courtesy Jessi Harnden

A washout is seen Friday, June 30, at a driveway on Old Jay Hill Road near the bottom of Macomber Hill Road in Jay. Photo courtesy of Jessi Harnden

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