WILTON — It is usual to see people enjoying the foot of Wilson Lake near Bass Park once the weather warms and the rain stops. Not so much a moose.

A moose is seen swimming Saturday afternoon, July 8, at the foot of Wilson Lake near Bass Park in Wilton.  Kim Fast photo

However, Saturday afternoon, July 8, that was what played out for Kim Fast and a friend.

“It was a riot,” Fast said Sunday. “He was just a young guy. He jumped in the lake to go around us.”

It happened pretty quick, Fast said. “There were not many people there at the time,” she added.

A moose is seen swimming Saturday afternoon, July 8, in Wilson Lake in Wilton. The Bass building is seen in the background. Kim Fast photo

Fast posted photos of the moose on her Facebook page.

The Town of Wilton posted different photos on its page. The post indicated the moose was seen at the head of Wilson Lake.

Sunday evening, Sandy Muller, president of Friends of Wilson Lake verified the area where the moose was seen is actually the foot of the lake. “Where the water comes into the lake is the head,” she noted. She said she is often corrected by her husband when she refers to the area near Bass Park as the head of the lake. A lot of people call the foot the head of the lake, she stated.

Muller said moose were often seen in the area near the head of the lake – which is closer to where she lives – until more homes were built. The noise and lights have kept them away, she stated.

“Good place to be!” one follower posted on the town’s Facebook page. “He is probably trying to cool off,” another noted.

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