ALBANY — Writing on behalf of the Albany Improvement Association, Bob O’Brien announced via the town house marquee and an e-mail that Jillian Burrill, Joan Kimball’s daughter, was appointed the new Albany Township Registrar.

The marquee at Albany Town House says it all. Rose Lincoln/Bethel Citizen

Burrill said the county commissioners’ office called her mother the week after the meeting at the town house to discuss, “the logistics of her teaching me and my real interest in doing it. I think this was the smoothest transition for them and us here in Albany. After editing and meeting all of the security requirements the new contract is for $2,500 a year. It took the month of June to finalize it but the contract is signed as of June 26th. I will attend the training days in August (dates to be determined) and be ready for voting in November.”

The Oxford County Commissioners also decided that the Albany Town House will remain the polling site for Albany residents.

The commissioners had earlier this year called a meeting in Paris to start the discussion of changing Albany residents’ polling places to area towns and eliminating the position of registrar. Only a handful of people were able to attend that weekday meeting.

At a subsequent meeting in May, residents were crowded inside Albany Town House when County Commissioner Tim Turner announced, “you will be voting here. We listened to the people.”

Turner said the payment for the new registrar would likely be around $2,000, with $1,500 the minimum.  “It seemed to be more cost effective to keep the process here.”

Kimball, who is retiring, had initially suggested her daughter to county commissioners.

Said Burrill, “Yes, it does seem like it’s come full circle. Who knows I may be doing this for 20 years like my Mom did and passing it on to one of my girls someday.”

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