100 Years Ago: 1923

When Governor Baxter’s big car rolled into the square at West Minot Grange Hall Wednesday afternoon at one o’clock, nearly 200 patrons were gathered here for the first official visit of a governor to this thriving little village. The stars and stripes flew over the hall. Over fifty automobiles were parked up and down the several streets, the three local stores were swamped with ice- cream customers and not a horse was in sight altho they had a few on exhibition somewhere behind the grange hall.

Being on standard time, the Grange dinner was just in progress when Governor Baxter and his private secretary, Gilbert R. Chadbourne dismounted at the stone steps and began to shake hands with the throng of grangers at the door. He was given a place at the second table, but had no complaint to make, either at the quantity or the quality of the food. Every cook in West Minot Grange had broken her record on baked beans, brown bread cake and pie.

The forenoon session had been given up entirely to working the Pomona degree with 29 candidates. This is an unusually large class. Governor Baxter was the only afternoon attraction apart from the musical numbers by Pomona and West Minot talent. He was aptly introduced by Pomona Master, Fred S. Irish and spoke at some length on the agricultural and industrial situation here in Maine. The Grangers gave him the warmest kind of welcome. frequently interrupting him with applause.

50 Years Ago: 1973

The Jaycee Wives talked about special projects when they met recently at the Professional Building, Lisbon Street, Lewiston. Also discussed were various ways and means for fundraising projects for the coming year and preliminary plans were made for the annual picnic held for underprivileged children of the  area. The details for this event will be announced. The members have also taken up a project of knitting mittens for needy children.


It was announced that the next  meeting of the Jaycee Wives would be at 7 pm, on Aug. 15 at  the Golder Road home of Mrs. Terry Royer.

25 Years Ago: 1998

A Teen Coffee House will be held at 8 p.m. Saturday at Johnson Hall in Gardiner. The night will include refreshments, coffees, local singers, songwriters, poets, and thespians. There will be an open mike. Admission of $4 will benefit the fall teen musical theater production.

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