A vehicle hauling portable toilets, left, is prepared to be lifted out of a ditch Thursday after it was reported stolen by Casella Waste Management, according to Oakland police. Oakland Police Department photo

Police are investigating the theft of a truck carrying portable toilets that was stolen in Fairfield and ended up in a ditch in Oakland early Thursday.

According to Oakland police Sgt. Tracey Frost, around 4 a.m. Thursday officer Tiffany Warren responded to a report of a vehicle off the road on Fairfield Street, about a half-mile south of Rice Rips Road in Oakland.

An intoxicated man had come to the police station to report he had found the vehicle, which Frost described as like a large delivery truck with a flatbed and four portable toilets mounted on the bed.

Warren checked out the vehicle and learned it had been stolen in Fairfield and it was owned by Casella Waste Systems. Casella, also known as Pine Tree Waste, is located at 6 Gerald Terrace in Fairfield. Warren identified the man who reported the truck in the ditch, Frost said. He declined to release his name as he said he is a suspect in the theft.

“We are looking at charges regarding the driving of the vehicle in Oakland,” Frost said, “and Fairfield is looking into the theft of the vehicle.”

He said the truck was not damaged.


“Where he went off the shoulder, it was super wet so it was mud,” he said. “The vehicle got stuck and we had to get a heavy lift tow truck to get it out, but there was no damage to the vehicle.”

Also contacted Thursday, Captain Paul St. Amand of the Fairfield Police Department said Fairfield police Officer Trevor Knowles was notified at 4:25 a.m. Thursday by Oakland police that a white Ford F550 truck was off the road. Knowles went to the scene, he said.

“They believed it was stolen so basically, the truck was found before it was reported,” St. Amand said.

Since the incident occurred at the end of Knowles’ shift, his report was not available for more details, according to St. Amand.

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