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“There is nothing as weak as water, but when it attacks and is persistent, nothing can withstand it.” (Lao Tse)

I spend as much time swimming through the summer as possible. Sometimes I like to float and meditate in the stillness of the soft ripples. As a meditative practice, I mostly move gently in the water. I twist and turn, or softly peddle my feet, feeling the water’s soft caress flowing all around me.

It is when swimming that I am happiest. Perhaps in a former life, I was a water nymph! The Naiads were freshwater nymphs depicted as beautiful, lighthearted, and helpful.

Masaru Emoto reported on some fascinating studies that suggest our emotions affect the molecular structure of water. He found that water crystals change by applying positive emotions vs. negative ones. His book, The Hidden Messages in Water, reveals more.

Water is a unique element that can be healing or destructive, depending on its application and our perspective. Like water, the process can also be healing or destructive when we allow our emotions to flow through and around us. To me, the connection is obvious.

When we are drawn to water, it may not seem obvious that we seek healing and inner peace, as referenced in the spiritual hymn, “I’ve got peace like a river in my soul.” Speaking of the spiritual aspect of water, Gabriel is considered the messenger of God and the angel ruler of water. A bedtime ritual may be drinking a glass of water and thanking Gabriel for the water for purification while, at the same time, meditatively expressing gratitude for its gifts.


My friend, Claudia Casciato, an author of spiritually based children’s books about grief, says when healing occurs, our river of tears changes to overflowing tears of joy. I feel much happier and more peaceful after swimming, kayaking, or visiting a river.

As a healing exercise, our past does not bring us to the river. Our search for truth brings us. Just as a river changes course, we wander through life, picking up and putting down. We carry our experiences and the experiences of others who are with us and came before us.

Like the flowing water of a river, we can change the shape of our suffering into joy when we recognize its depth or shallowness and respond accordingly. Once we have that clarity, the pain stops when we transmute it and, ultimately, transform it.

Being near and drinking fresh water enhances our ability to heal physically, emotionally, and mentally. However, remember our bodies are primarily water. This is why we can heal our bodies through spiritual practice, such as angel therapy and prayer.

We are manipulating the structure of the water in our body by transmuting positive thoughts into healing, allowing us to elevate the pain and ultimately encourage healing. I believe that it’s essential to have a spiritual base. Can we grow body parts in this manner? No. However, with other healthful practices, we can heal diseases and injuries.

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