FARMINGTON — Following a public hearing, Selectmen Tuesday night, Aug. 22, approved a $90,000 2023 Economic Development Program Community Development Block Grant for Riverside Greenhouses and Florists, LLC.

Selectmen Tuesday evening, Aug. 22, approved a $90,000 community development block grant for Riverside Greenhouses and Florist LLC in Farmington. In this file photo, owner Garrett Reynolds is seen watering mums he raised from seed in 2020. File photo/Livermore Falls Advertiser

Garrett Reynolds began transitioning ownership of the business from his father, Kurt Reynolds in Sept. 2020.

Riverside is one of two such businesses in Franklin County, according to information provided before the meeting. In addition to the grant funding, a $100,000 loan and $60,000 from owner investment will be used to build a 2,400 square foot [30 feet by 80 feet] year-round heated greenhouse, expand the floral/retail shop and hire four new employees. One of the many requirements for the grant funds is to create full-time and full-time equivalent jobs for low to moderate income people, the information noted.

Two full-time and two part-time employees will be hired, meaning new job creation in the area, Reynolds noted.

“How many are employed now,” resident Aileen Kennedy asked.

“Eight. Two full-time, the rest are part-time,” Reynolds replied.


This has been a past practice of the Select Board, which serves as administrator, Selectman Stephan Bunker noted.

It is nice to see community grown, home grown business expansion, Selectman Dennis O’Neil said. “This is certainly a nice little business,” he added.

Wednesday morning, Reynolds said he officially became owner in Jan. 2021. Since then he has added three more greenhouses bringing the total after the new one is finished to nine, he noted. “One is 14 by 50 feet, the other two are 26 by 76 feet, they are good sized.”

In spring of 2021 shrubs and trees were offered for the first time, as announced the previous fall, Reynolds confirmed. “Shrub and tree sales have taken off,” he noted. “They are one of our biggest categories of plants that the greenhouse carries now.”

The wedding business has greatly increased, Reynolds noted. “We have done 15 this year, I am already booking into next year.

“I also bought the house next door, I didn’t have that. Time is going quick now.”


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