After two months Rangeley’s community radio station WRGY is back on the air.  The station’s transmitter site atop Saddleback sustained a direct lightning strike on June 14 which did extensive damage to the internet and power infrastructure, and damaged WRGY’s transmitter, studio linkage and processing equipment.  Since that time the station has still been providing programming through the internet (website but has not been able to broadcast over the air at 90.5 FM. Over the air broadcasting resumed on August 21 thanks to the efforts of volunteers who arranged for donation of equipment, technical support and installation. With a backup transmitter the station is now able to push 100 watts to the antenna and broadcast though in mono instead of stereo. Some of the repairs are temporary solutions that allow WRGY to be back on the air and continue its drive to provide local programming and community service and entertainment. A technical needs assessment and fund-raising drive will lead to more permanent repairs that will result in even greater broadcasting capacity. In the meantime, the station would like to thank its loyal listeners and supporters and encourage the entire Rangeley community to turn its dial to 90.5 FM.

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