WEST PARIS — Welcome back after the summer break; we are excited about the interesting and uplifting worship services to start the church year. Music is performed by Tom Coolidge. Refreshments following the service. All are welcome. 

September 10, “The Rainbow that follows the Flood” led by Cynthia Reedy. In recognition of the water communion, this sermon will look at the story of Noah’s flood and the symbolism of the rainbow that followed the event. The story of a cataclysmic flood is found not just in the Bible but is featured in the traditions of many, many cultures.

Scientists have found compelling evidence of a great flood at the dawn of civilization in the region of the Black Sea. What would this event have meant to the people who witnessed it? Can we still find the promise of the rainbow in the events of today?

September 17, “The Second Mountain” led by Bob Neal. Ideas come from David Brooks and scripture about what (else) to do with our lives insofar as working for a better world. Particularly relevant, I believe, for those of us who are done rearing our families and looking more outward. Bob Neal is a retired farmer and editor.

“I’m a widower with sons in Brunswick and Portland.” Bob’s wife, Marilyn, died on June 3, 2017, of ovarian cancer. He worked for pay from age seven to age 75, with one year out, 33 years in news-papering, and 30 years of raising turkeys. Some may know his weekly column, The Countryman, in the Sun Journal. He serves as a deacon in Shorey Chapel (UCC) in Industry.

September 24, “Prayer” led by Rev. Greg Grigsby. “What does prayer mean to you?” and “What is praying like for you?” Questions like these can be valuable for exploring together and learning from one another. After a 32-year career as an elementary school counselor, Rev. Grigsby entered ChIME (Chaplaincy Institute of Maine) and was ordained in 2019. He wrote a curriculum based on “The Book of Forgiving” by Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu. This curriculum is in the ChIME archives and is available for anyone to see and to utilize for teaching purposes.

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