Under Pine Tree Power, not only would the state have to borrow more than $10 billion to buy out the two biggest utility companies in Maine, but we’d also be likely to see our electric rates go up for the first 10 years. That’s from a study by the Maine Public Utilities Commission.

How in the world will people on fixed incomes, particularly older Mainers, ever afford 10 years of higher electric bills? Many living on household budgets with razor thin margins are already struggling as costs for housing, food and other basic necessities continue to rise.

I’m so worried about what will happen to them if Question 3 passes in November and the state is given the green light to move forward with Pine Tree Power. As I see it, all any of us will get are rate hikes, billions of dollars of debt and state control over our electricity. Nothing more.

I cannot in good conscience support Pine Tree Power and will be voting no on Question 3 for the people I care most deeply about.

Renee Fortin, Lewiston

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