NORWAY — As of Tuesday, a three-year-old cat who went missing from a rabies vaccine clinic at the Norway Fire Department Sept. 9 has not yet been found.

Bella is a dilute colored calico/tortie who slipped out of her unsecured crate in the area of Danforth, Beal and Lynn streets. She is wearing a brightly patterned green, red and yellow collar, and although pictures show her with a name tag, it was not attached to her new collar.

She belongs to Matt and Jess Baker of Oxford, who are anxious to have her return home.

She is used to a more quiet, country setting than Norway’s busy neighborhood streets and may be hiding in someone’s garage or shed, or underneath a porch or deck.

Responsible Pet Care posted on its Facebook page Saturday morning about Bella. As of Sept. 19, the post had been shared 278 times.

If you see her please call Matt Baker at 207-595-4137.

Bella has been missing from the Norway Fire Department since Sept. 9. If you see her, please call the owners at ??????? or Responsible Pet Care at 207-743-8679.

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