In a statement he made on Sept. 6 to Hugh Hewitt, host of a conservative talk show, Donald Trump claimed, “I only look for the truth. And when I find the truth, I think the people have to know the truth … I want to find the truth.  And I think I’m entitled to find the truth  …”

On the contrary, it’s certain he’ll go down in history as a monster of mendacity. He was for decades the adoring protege of the late, ruthless prosecutor Roy Cohn, who told him to always “deflect and distract, never give in, never admit fault, lie and attack, lie and attack, publicity no matter what, win no matter what …”

It’s exactly what he’s done for decades. Presenting himself to the world as a truth seeker — to the point of farcically naming his social media platform “Truth Social” — is his supreme con.

He surely figures that “owning” the word will deepen the addiction of his supporters to him and hopefully lure some of the unconverted to his cause.  It’s tantamount to his saying, “Listen, America: No other president ever sought the truth more zealously.”

It reminds me of his embarrassing embrace and smooching of the American flag at CPAC 2020, while repeatedly mouthing the words, “I love you, baby!” as the Rolling Stones song, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” played — that had nothing whatever to do with the event.

Look, America: Has any other president ever loved you more ardently?

William LaRochelle, Lewiston

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