DEAR SUN SPOTS: What happened to the new Auburn Little League field on Stevens Mill Road? It was supposed to have been completed sometime this year. There seems to be absolutely no progress being made recently, and I have also noticed the sign saying “Future home of the new Suburban Little League” is no longer there! What’s going on? — Louise Dufour, Auburn

ANSWER: The Auburn Planning Board in April approved the future home of Auburn Suburban Baseball and Softball, a multifield complex at Hotel and Stevens Mill roads to be completed within the next 18 months. The timeline means it will likely not be completed until fall 2024.

According to a Sun Journal story, the new facility will consist of two Little League fields and one Babe Ruth-size baseball field, as well as a practice field with batting cages. It also includes three proposed parking areas, a concession building with bathroom facilities and a maintenance and storage garage.

Road frontage for the site is on the southern side of Stevens Mill Road, some 400 feet from Sprucewood Road. In total, the project proposes 173 on-site parking spaces.

The bulk of the work is being done by the Army Corps of Engineers as part of a training program. The scope of work needed for the facility includes clearing trees and construction of a gravel access road. The work also includes installation of stormwater management, the final plans for which will be submitted once the league has determined its field surface material — natural or artificial turf. That decision will come down to fundraising.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Good morning. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this question before in your column, which I read every day. We have some trees we want taken down, but they are inaccessible by mechanical means. Do you know of anyone with draft horses who might be able to pull them out of the woods after they are dropped? I think that can be pretty easily done in winter when the ground is frozen. Thanks for your help. — Wendy Thoren, Raymond


ANSWER: According to Vicki Emery at Troika Drafts in Hebron, draft horse loggers in Maine would likely be interested in the job, depending on where the trees are. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please let us know!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Is there any difference between Canadian white bread and other white breads you find in the grocery store? Thank you. — David, Auburn 

ANSWER: Canadian white bread is a style of bread produced or sold by companies, including Pepperidge Farm, Trader Joe’s and Bimbo Bakeries USA. It has a heartier texture than the white bread typically found throughout the United States, according to Ironically, this bread is produced in the U.S.

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