LISBON — Town councilors voted Tuesday to take legal action against the property owner at 71 Gould Road for zoning violations. They also discussed revisions to language governing advisory boards, along with appointing a new tax assessor.

Since 2021, the Gould Road property has had more than two unregistered or uninspected vehicles on it, along with scrap items, according to the town’s notice of violation to the owner. Property owners are only allowed to have two unregistered or uninspected vehicles parked on their property.

The code enforcement officer also observed four driveways on the property of which three appear to have been developed without a permit, according to a letter to the owner from the town’s attorney.

In its notice of violation, the town recommended the owner remove the items to comply with Maine’s junkyard and automobile graveyard laws.

The owner defaulted on an Administrative Consent Agreement with the town dating back to the fall of 2022, according to town documents. It required the owner to pay a civil penalty of $1,000 and the town’s $200 legal fees, reduce the number of unregistered or uninspected vehicles on the property to two and remove the junk items.

All stipulations were initially supposed to be met by Dec. 21, 2022, according to town documents. The town extended the agreement twice, with the last extension expiring in early June. However, the property owner never fulfilled their obligations outlined in the violation or agreement.


The town again offered to extend the agreement until the end of June, according to the town attorney’s letter to the owner. The owner was asked to obtain a permit for the new driveways or face “additional enforcement action.”

There appears to have been no response to the town’s latest extension offer.

Town Manager Glenn Michalowski told councilors it is time to seek court action in the form of daily fines since the first date of violation. He said he hopes it will have more “teeth” to encourage compliance.

Councilors unanimously agreed to proceed with the enforcement action with little discussion. The land use violation will be filed through Maine District Court.

In other business, Michalowski informed councilors of revised language town administrators are working on for town ordinances governing advisory boards. Much of the language governing advisory boards operations date back to when the town was governed through a town meeting, he said. His recommendations change the language to reflect Lisbon’s town council form of governing.

He is also recommending the town repeal its technology committee because he does not know if it has any members and it does not appear to be operating, he said.


Chairman Harry Moore Jr. used to be on the committee many years ago when the Police Department and town were implementing new technologies, Michalowski said, calling that period “pretty intense.” He said he does not support repealing the committee in case of implementation of new technologies in the future, but suggested it become an ad hoc committee.

Town Clerk Lisa Ward said the town can create an ad hoc committee if needed. Such committees are temporary for a specific task and are dismissed when no longer needed.

Michalowski intends to introduce the first reading of the revisions at the next council meeting Oct. 3.

Councilors also unanimously voted to appoint Amy Wiers as tax assessor, effective immediately.

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