Indeed, President Biden’s favorable poll ratings remain low even amidst lots of positive things he has accomplished. Perplexity abounds regarding the continuing trend, even among the well-informed.

Trying to think outside the proverbial box, I believe a couple of factors come to the forefront, in addition to the touchy matter of lingering high prices, though improving somewhat.

One is pace, the other visual.

Most Americans function daily at a torrid, rather disjointed living pace. We walk fast, drive fast, talk fast, listen fast, react fast, watch rapid-firing TV, etc. We are mired in a state of speed-living.

By stark contrast Biden, partly age-connected, doesn’t fit into this dynamic. He walks creakily, talks blandly, even if meaningfully, with little routinely sought-after entertainment value. Many viewers don’t have the focus and patience to relate to him, regrettably.

Crossing the tracks, to possibly obtain his Parker Bros. (Monopoly) get-out-of-jail card, Donald Trump is running again. Uniquely, he has not attained customary adulthood and never will, since growth is not his forte. I say this because his interactions with people are disastrous, to borrow one of his often-used words.


Enemies or pawns are what they become, whatever he craves. Most mature people acknowledge the sensitivities of others and guide their behavior accordingly, with generally good intentions.

This individual must not regain the presidency. We citizens deserve a better representative of humanity.

It’s unfortunate, but understandable, that his millions of disciples think he is the go-to-guy.

Norm Gellatly, Auburn

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