I am writing to urge my fellow Mainers to join me in voting yes on ballot Question 2 on Nov. 7, to protect our elections from foreign government interference.

It is outrageous that we would continue to permit foreign governments — and entities that they own, control or influence — to make campaign contributions to Maine referendum campaigns. Fortunately, by voting yes on 2 we can ban such behavior.

I’m surprised we even have to vote on this issue, but the Federal Elections Commission recently ruled that it has no jurisdiction over state referendum campaigns, creating a dangerous loophole that allows corporations controlled by foreign governments to spend in referendum campaigns unless explicitly prohibited by state law.

A “yes” vote on Question 2 would close that loophole and put elections back in the hands of Maine people — and out of reach from foreign government-owned entities.

I spent my career in the banking industry, and it would be unthinkable to permit foreign governments to help craft and influence our banking regulations and financial system. Yet, under current Maine law, those foreign governments could help craft and influence our state laws — this is state-sanctioned electoral fraud.

I hope people join me Nov. 7 in voting “yes” on 2, to protect our elections from foreign government interference.

Jim Delamater, Oxford

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