BETHEL — Fire Chief Mike Jodrey and his Bethel firefighters will compete at the Fryeburg Fair Fireman’s Muster as they have done for the last several years. They have won the entire competition twice in the last 15 years or so.

The muster is always on the the first Sunday morning of the fair. This year that day falls on Oct. 1.

Jodrey said there are 17-19 teams in the muster. They will each receive compete times between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Jodrey said that they have found that practicing in advance doesn’t seem to help, so they will go in “cold.”

Last year Bethel’s firefighters took first in overall points and were winners of the Bob Butter’s Memorial Trophy for 2022.They won first in the dry hose and keg roll categories and took second place in the ladder category.

Some of the towns they beat were Waterford, Harrison, Denmark, Brownfield, Saco Valley, Redstone, Newfield and Paris.


Denmark won the Corliss Watson Sportsmanship Trophy.

The various categories are listed below:

Dry hose

Will consist of six (6) team members starting 50 feet behind hydrant and ending within 10 feet ahead of nozzle. Three standard lengths of 2.5″ hose. Coupling at truck should start on the ground. Couplings to be checked immediately after each turn by judge. No more than 1/4 turn from tight.

Wet hose

Will consist of (6) team members starting 50 feet behind hydrant and ending when target is knocked down. Target to be 20 feet from END of nozzle. Three standard lengths of 2.5″ hose charged 75-80 lbs. PSI before contest. All men must have one hand on the hose until water is stopped or team will be disqualified. Water must pass through nozzle. Lay nozzle flat on the ground after the target is knocked over. Talking is allowed.



Will consist of four (4) team members starting 50 feet from pole, no gear, gloves optional, one team member must foot ladder and two team members will throw the ladder. The fourth man must hit the bottom rung or will be disqualified. Once at the top of the ladder, team member must ring bell and time will stop.

Barrel roll

Will consist of a four (4) person team in full turn out gear (boots, bunker pants, helmet, gloves) at the start. Each team must push the barrel with water only to other end of the cement pad, continuing around the cone and back to the starting line.

Ball squirt

Will consist of six (6) team members 10 feet apart ending when ball is pushed to one end or two minutes has elapsed. 1.5″ hose to be charged to 80 lbs. PSI. Men to have full gear (eye protection required, shields down, gloves optional). Judges to determine distance of winning team after two minutes. Both lines fed from common supply. Team who directs hose water at opponents, not ball, will be disqualified. Hoses and nozzles to be provided. Nozzle not to be above shoulder.

Trophies awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Places for each event and one trophy to the overall winning team. All trophies to be awarded after last event.

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