Leela. Submitted photo

Leela is a 1-3 years old female. Meet Leela, the one-eyed wonder who brings tranquility and charm to every corner.
Personality: Leela’s reserved nature is her unique charm. She finds solace in peaceful naps and quiet moments, radiating a calm and serene presence.
Special Traits: Leela’s single eye tells a tale of resilience and strength. Her ability to find joy in simple pleasures, like a cozy nap, is a reminder to cherish life’s little moments.
Compatibility: Leela’s quiet companionship is a gift to those who appreciate her gentle ways. She’s a serene presence that brings comfort to any household.
If you’re seeking a tranquil and resilient companion, Leela is the perfect match. Adopt Leela and experience the soothing presence of a one-eyed wonder who captures hearts with her gentle spirit.

Mrs. Myers Submitted photo

Mrs. Myers is 4-6 years old and female. Meet Mrs. Myers, the affectionate and captivating calico beauty.
Personality: Mrs. Myers’ affection knows no bounds. Her sweet nature is a testament to her gentle heart, always ready to offer love and warmth.
Special Traits: Mrs. Myers’ stunning calico coat is a work of art that matches her inner beauty. Her loving demeanor and striking appearance make her a cherished companion.
Compatibility: Mrs. Myers’ affectionate spirit makes her a wonderful addition to any home. Whether you’re looking for a solo companion or have other pets, she’ll fit right in.
If you’re in search of a loving and captivating feline friend, Mrs. Myers is the perfect choice. Embrace the joy of having a beautiful and affectionate companion by your side. Adopt Mrs. Myers and let her radiant presence light up your life with love and charm.

Franklin County Animal Shelter, located at 550 Industry Road in Farmington. We are currently able to accept surrenders on an emergency and space available basis. If the need to surrender is not urgent, we can help provide you with pet food and supplies from our Pet Food Pantry.

The shelter offers many services that may be useful to a pet owner at a reasonable cost, such as nail trims, flea and tick treatments and placing ID chips. Call to make an appointment today! Please call us for an appointment at (207) 778-2638 during our office hours, Monday through Saturday, Noon to 4 pm.

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