Developer Jessica Klimek, an Auburn native, said in a recent Bangor Daily News story that mayoral challenger, Jeff Harmon, is putting the better interests of the community aside and is among a group of older residents who “just don’t want change.”

If one changes the word “older” to “gay, Black, or Catholic residents,” one can clearly see the discrimination and bias against anyone older than 40. This is a clear violation of the Maine Human Rights Act.

Did she do a survey and find out if it is all older residents? Is this just more stereotyping? The same exact stereotyping and media coverage has happened in Bangor by quoting Bangor developers. It’s common to attack anyone who stands in the way.

I am tired of developers and others who love to make millions off exploiting Maine homeowners by making discriminatory statements such as “older folks don’t like change” and “NIMBY.”

Just because homeowners want to protect their land, environment and investment, we cannot be stereotyped into “NIMBY” as if we are selfish idiots. We are not.

This is a bullying tactic. People should follow the money. I am a proud supporter of not in my backyard because I care deeply about the animals, trees, plants and open spaces.

I have a right to my opinion. I have a right to protect my backyard and my environment and my investment.

Kelley Hashey, Bangor

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