The Rangeley High School golf team’s four golfers, junior Jake Bottcher (captain) leading the team with a score of 86, and seniors Tucker Beaulieu and Barrett Quimby, both also playing soccer, and Tucker MacFawn, shot a combined score of 388 at Lakewood Golf Course on September 27 to defeat their fellow Class D East-West Conference opponents and earn a berth in Maine State’s Class C Championship at Natanis in Vassalboro. After a postponement due to weather, the best of the best in Maine’s high schools met on October 9 and played the Arrowhead course.

It was wet and brisk, challenging conditions, but a good day to play golf. Divots were flying, balls were biting, with an occasional curse under the breath and a reserved fist pump in the air, the Rangeley team tied for 12th place with a combined score of 390. Tucker MacFawn was feeling his groove and led the way with an impressive 86. Tucker Beaulieu found the hole 18 times with a personal best of 95. Jake struggled on a couple of holes (he’ll have nightmares of #16 for years) but, otherwise, kept his wits about him to shoot a resilient round of 103. No doubt he’ll be back at Natanis next year ready for revenge. Barrett, his first year golfing, finished with a respectable 106, having made leaps and bounds over the course of the season.

Not enough can be said about our scrappy Class D team of only four golfers going up against Class C teams, private schools with larger numbers and bigger budgets, and holding their own. It is truly impressive.

Team picture (L-R) Tucker Beaulieu, Barrett Quimby, Tucker MacFawn, and Captain Jake Bottcher.

In his second year as the golf coach, Kevin Banfield said about his golfers, “They all improved their games, whether it was their putting, getting off the tee, or rebounding after a bad shot. It may be a team sport but it’s individuals playing it, learning life lessons that’ll follow them out into the world. And they bonded enough to make it to states. I’m proud of them.”

Encourage students you may know to get involved in extracurricular activities. Being active and social has positive implications that will extend well into the child’s future. Equipment is provided and greens fees are free for team members. Coach Banfield says, “I enjoy coaching for the kids. It’s their success that matters.” Well said, Coach, and well done, RLRS golf team.

Tucker Beaulieu — follow through for the pose

Barrett Quimby — Head down and follow through

Jake Bottcher — Thor’s hammer

Tucker MacFawn — dead, solid perfect

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