100 Years Ago: 1923

Where did the alcohol in Henry Tarr’s fish house come from? Where did it go? Last Monday Mr. Tarr went to his fish house for his gear. An object under a quilt took his eye. At first he thought there was a corpse under the quilt but on snatching it away he found 60 one gallon cans of alcohol. Just then he was called to go to Damariscotta and on his return went to the fish house for further examination. Behold! Every can was gone. He hurriedly called up the officers of the county to be on the watch but no trace has been found of the liquor.

To cap the whole thing, the very next day a slick looking stranger, on foot appeared to Mr. Tarr and demanded the hooch. He allowed Mr. Tarr had sold it! Henry was justly indignant. “See here,” he said to the slick stranger “Who are you? And what do you mean by dumping your poison in my fish house? Do you know you might have got me in the wrong?  And now you accuse me of selling the cussed stuff?”

At this the slick stranger simmered down. a bit and asked if his neighbors mightn’t have appropriated the sixty gallons.

“Godfrey diamonds! No!” said Mr. Tarr. “Do you think any of us are fool enough to monkey with that stuff?”

The stranger then allowed he’d been double crossed. He admitted that the stuff had been put in the “Wrong fish house” in the dark. He then faded away. He would give no name and had no car in sight.


Query: Whose is the “right” fish house?

50 Years Ago: 1973

Mrs. Avis Luce will be hostess to the East Auburn Ladies Circle when they meet at her Church Street, East Auburn home on Tuesday, Oct. 23. The day will be spent working on quilts which will be donated to a needy family. At noon the members will have sandwiches they will bring with them and the hostess will serve dessert.

25 Years Ago: 1998

On these cooler days leading up to Halloween, little orange ovals seem to be at every door and window. Holding one is a treat. The trick is trying to keep hundreds and thousands of them from sneaking into the house.

They are Harmonia axyridis, the Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle. We know them as ladybugs, although their invasion of Maine homes and offices these days is anything but lady-like. Cooperative Extension offices are getting swarms of calls from people going buggy from the unwanted guests. The expert’s advice is simple: Sweep or vacuum up the bugs and put them back outdoors. And caulk windows to keep them out. Install good soffits and screens on attic vents.

The material used in Looking Back is produced exactly as it originally appeared although misspelling and errors may be corrected.

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