To the Editor:

As old folks do, I recently was looking at old photos and family memorabilia and suddenly realized I may be the last person alive who got most of my education at the one-room country school at Frost Hill.

The school was closed when I finished the 7th grade, which would have been 1936 or 37. I’ve tried to remember some of the people who went to school there:

Francis and Earl Morse

Ruth, Rebecca, and Rachel Hill

Durwood, Albert, and Donald Hill


Harry, Hilda, Dorothy, and Gerald Bennett

3 Maki girls (the 2 names I recall are Lillian and Helen)

Allen Crooker

2 Thurlow girls

Mildred Frost

There were others, but memory fails. Helen Brett was the teacher.

I was born in Paris, Maine on August 10, 1924. Left Maine in 1943 and never returned to stay. Lived in South Carolina from 1945-1982, then moved to New Mexico, my home ever since. Thought this might be some information for the kin-folks, some of whom I’ve remembered. Excuse the scribbling; at 99, it’s hard to write.

Francis ‘Buddy’ Morse

New Mexico

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