To the Editor:

I’ve been sailing boats since I was 16 years old. I volunteered to take Midshipmen on their offshore cruise from Annapolis to St John’s twice.

I know the power and simplicity of wind.

Offshore wind power is a significant component of the future domestic and international energy supply. It’s clean, plentiful, easy to harness, and not just renewable, but perpetual.

What’s more, wind power will provide high-end, sustainable jobs well into the future.

I often travel internationally. The US is not leading the way in renewable energy. Far from it. Countries such as Norway, Finland, and Denmark, are innovating their energy production while we’re trying to preserve energy extraction processes from the 19th century. And for only one reason – it’s in the interests of extremely wealthy companies to do so. Meanwhile, we all get left behind.


Imagine building a house in 1850 and never improving it. Never upgrading. Never modernizing. This is what our infrastructure looks like today – with energy production and distribution being a significant part of that infrastructure.

I am not a native of Maine, but I love this state. One of the things I’ve loved is that Mainers are innovators and problem solvers; not prone to ignore problems, but face them head-on and work together to find the best solutions. Wind power is one of those solutions.

Other countries are already ahead of the United States when it comes to renewable energy. If we don’t begin soon, we’ll be left further behind.

The future is now.

Dan Hestad


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