As we decide on who to vote for in the upcoming elections, let us remember why Lewiston sued the Auburn Water District.

Auburn, under Mayor Jason Levesque’s guidance, unilaterally proposed to change the zoning around Lake Auburn in a way that would have allowed construction of 1,200 housing units very close to the lake. The likelihood greatly increased that Lake Auburn would lose its filtration waiver. Lewiston’s and Auburn’s water rates would at least double. Lewiston therefore sued the Auburn district.

Concerned Auburn residents collected 2,000 signatures to reverse the zoning change. The issue has been mired in a legal quagmire ever since, although Auburn has pulled back its proposed zoning change borders.

The Auburn City Council plans to vote on the zoning change before a new mayor and new City Council can take their seats.

Is this the way to run a city?

Ben Lounsbury, Auburn

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