To the Editor:

I urge citizens to vote “yes” on Pine Tree Power/Ballot Question Three, a crucial decision that directly impacts our state’s power grid. This issue is far more than just a matter of energy infrastructure; it’s about safeguarding our independence and national security.

Owning our power grid is not just about energy; it’s essential for our communications, national security, and the health and safety of our citizens. In today’s interconnected world, control over our energy infrastructure is paramount to protecting our way of life.

Currently, foreign governments own our power grid, leaving us in a vulnerable position. In contrast, these countries do not allow us to purchase their critical infrastructure on their soil. It’s a stark double standard that leaves us exposed.

Critics argue that grid management could be outsourced, which is laughable. A board of Mainers will not hand over the management to any foreign government. Real patriots are not falling for propaganda. Real patriots know Pine Tree Power is good for Maine.

The sacrifices made by our soldiers in the pursuit of freedom should not go to waste. Allowing foreign governments to maintain control over our power grid is a disservice to their memory. We must not forget the importance of our independence and self-reliance.

Be a real patriot: vote “yes” on ballot question three. It’s time to regain control of our power grid, ensuring that we do not sell out to foreign interests. Together, we can secure our energy future and preserve our way of life.

Claire Adams


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