From left Darryl and Lynn Dunton of Livermore share information about a tribute brick for John Dube of Jay Saturday morning, Nov. 11, at Brettuns Memorial in Livermore. The tribute brick will be placed in a walkway at VFW National Home in Michigan to honor Dube’s donations to VFW. Pam Harnden/Livermore Falls Advertiser

LIVERMORE — Residents Lynn and Darryl Dunton informed John Dube of Jay Saturday, Nov. 11, they had purchased a tribute brick in recognition of his many donations to Veterans of Foreign Wars [VFW].

Lynn shared the news following the rededication ceremony at Brettuns Memorial in Livermore. She said a tribute brick will recognize Dube’s contributions and be placed at the VFW National Home.

According to the website, VFW National Home traces to 23-year-old Amy Ross. In 1922, she made it her mission to help find jobs for the thousands of unemployed veterans in Detroit. Upon hearing about her efforts, millionaire cattleman Corey Spencer gifted 472 acres of land near Eaton Rapids, Michigan, to build on Ross’ vision of supporting veterans.

VFW National Home was founded Jan. 7, 1925, with a military widow and her six children becoming the first residents of the old frame farmhouse later that spring. The home has grown to a sprawling campus with playgrounds; park areas; and multiple buildings, including single-family homes, a community center and gymnasium, child care facility, guest lodge, chapel, and administrative offices.

Personalized tribute bricks are a way to honor friends or loved ones. At VFW National Home, they may be placed in walkways in front of the community center, health & education building, museum or World War II monument.

“There are 42 homes there,” Lynn said. “They are all filled right now.”

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