100 Years Ago: 1923

Fourteen cases of whiskey were seized in the deposit vaults of the Bar Harbor Banking and Trust Co. yesterday by Deputy Customs Collector Harold P. Higgins of Southwest Harbor. Collector Charles M. Sleeper, of Portland was notified today.

The liquor, the report said, was stored in the bank this fall by summer residents of Bar Harbor. No arrests have been made. The liquor will be sent to Portland for storage.

Collector Sleeper notified District Attorney Frederick R. Dyer, who announced that any prosecution by his department on charges of illegal transportation of the whiskey to the banking rooms would necessarily depend on the details of the seizure. It is felt that banking officials may not be liable, as they may have accommodated patrons without knowing the contents of the parcels entrusted in their care.

Collector Sleeper said that Deputy Higgins’s preliminary report indicated that the whiskey had been smuggled into this country.

50 Years Ago: 1973


(Sun Journal photo) Maintenance crews of the Maine Turnpike Authority were traveling up and down the superhighway today gathering up speed limit signs which used to say 70 mph, with the number 55, as ordered by Maine Gov. Kenneth C. Curtis earlier this week as a n energy conservation measure. Maximum speed on the turnpike and on the Interstate system in Maine is now 55 miles per, and it’s been lowered to 50 on other roadways.

Changing the figures on a sign located close to the Auburn exit are Irving K. Whitney and Lewis Brown.

25 Years Ago: 1998

The Farmington Titcomb Historical House on the corner of High and Academy will take on a festive air after the hanging of the greens by the Mount Blue Area Garden Club.

President Agnes Atwood and several members will decorate the house on Tuesday, Dec 1, in preparation for a 10 am to 2 pm open house on Chester Greenwood Day, Dec 5. Visitors will see special exhibits including photos of Greenwood and other memorabilia.

The wedding gown of Isabelle Greenwood made for the couple’s wedding day in 1884 will be displayed in the sewing room.

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