100 Years Ago: 1923

Said a Lewiston oculist to the Lewiston Journal Wednesday, “It is surely tough.”

I have sent a man to the hospital with blindness. He may get some relief from treatment; but we can promise him none. Two years ago he had eyes for a lifetime. What has brought about the change? Drinking from the bootlegger. It must have contained wood alcohol — sure death to eyesight. He says he bought it for “good stuff.”

This instance is not the only one. I call it damnable.

50 Years Ago: 1973

The Christmas Fair planned by the women of the Grace Lutheran Church opened at the new church on Summer Street in Auburn. It will conclude Saturday afternoon with a bean supper to be served between five and seven o’clock. Sales tables will be busy from two o’clock.


25 Years Ago: 1998

A program sponsored by Cooperative Extension at the University of Maine is teaching teens statewide how to manage their money.

The curriculum was formed by the National Endowment for Financial Education and is provided to high school students nationwide through cooperative extension programs.

In a classroom environment students are taught basic money management skills such as how to balance a checkbook, handle credit or buy insurance.

Money is what drives most of our culture,” say Bill Weber, youth development and resource management specialist with UMaine’s Cooperative Extension. “It causes conflicts in relationships and is one of the leading causes of divorce. It’s important for students to get a grounding in the nuts and bolts of financial management.”

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