Glistening Memories

By Edith Grindle, Farmington

Driving along on this sunny afternoon with the trees glistening bright heavy

from the latest storm,

I think that this scene will now be my norm.

The river and ocean that I knew as a girl have made way for the hills,


My eyes look up at these mountains with a new little thrill.

My view like a postcard or Christmas greeting from a friend,

It increases my joy which helps my uncertainty end.

This beauty rarely seen, except in my dreams, brings thoughts and

memories from days in my past.

These visions I hold tight to and pray that they last.


The little girl I once was is still inside somewhere, even as the future holds

changes, remembering holidays gone by, brings her to my mind ever so


These thoughts bring me back and I smile as I see that no matter where I

live, those memories are me.

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