100 Years Ago: 1924

The Lewiston-Auburn Rotary Club was addressed by John J. Gillispie at the regular weekly luncheon, yesterday noon. His theme was that everyone should boost their own city and State in every way possible. The duty of all organizations and clubs he believes is to better their part of the country. Mr. Gillispie is an efficiency expert for the United Shoe Machine.

50 Years Ago: 1974

The Edward Little High School Senior Play will be a musical, “The Boyfriend,” which will be presented at the gymnasium Friday and Saturday evenings, Jan 11 and 12.

Hugh Keene of the school teaching staff is serving as director and assisting with musical arrangements will be Miss Sandra Simpson, director of choral music in Auburn secondary schools. John Neal will provide piano accompaniment for the production.

25 Years Ago: 1999


Joe Rubino, an eighth-grade student at Tripp Middle School in Turner, has been selected to participate in the People to People Student Ambassador Program. He was selected from students from the southern Maine area to represent the state while visiting Australia and New Zealand.

People to People is a program established by Dwight Eisenhower where students visit different countries to learn the culture and historical aspects of that country. High school credits are earned.

While traveling to Australia and New Zealand, Rubino will visit places such as the Great Barrier Reef, learning about life in the reef during the trip. He will visit Sydney, learning about the aboriginal culture and exploring the Sydney Opera House. He will also see the Olympia Village for the year 2000 competition. Rubino will visit New Zealand and while there he will join the Maori people, learning about their culture and history. He will meet representatives of the World Wildlife Fund for Nature to learn about their work protecting endangered species.

Rubino will work within his community in numerous ways to earn money for the trip. He already has begun with bottle drives. There will also be raffles and other events.

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