After the Comprehensive Plan Review Committee Presentation, the Town of Rangeley’s Board of Selectmen delved into a workshop on banking and investment request for proposal’s (RFPS), a session marked by key decisions and future considerations.

The meeting saw the presence of representatives from Franklin Savings Bank and Skowhegan, setting the stage for a robust discussion. Town Manager Joe Roach took the floor to provide a succinct recap of the received RFPS, leading to a thoughtful question and answer session.

Expressing gratitude for the RFPS, the board’s decisions unfolded during the Consent Items segment. Franklin Savings Bank received a vote of confidence as the board chose to continue its banking relationship with them. However, the Investment RFPS was motioned and approved to be tabled for further review. Banking will remain with Franklin Savings Bank. The workshop was then formally closed, paving the way for subsequent matters to be addressed under Consent Items.

In the realm of investments, the motion to extend the Cedars Investment for 13 weeks gained approval. The Selectmen also greenlit the Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile Parade through the approval of an event permit.

Notable among the Consent Items was the authorization granted to Town Manager Joe Roach to proceed with the grant application process for the Oquossoc Park Improvement Project, with a submission deadline set for June 12, 2024. The Planning Fee Schedule witnessed approval, addressing concerns raised by Breck Parker about the need to augment planning fees for safety considerations, given the influx of builders from various regions.

The Selectmen further authorized the sale of surplus municipal property, including a 2001 Goosen G350 Midi-Vac and the Town Office Conference Room Audio/Visual Desk.


Correspondence review brought to light significant contributions from the community, including a $500 donation from Kennebago Camps to the Fire Department and a $1,000 donation from Rangeley Congregational Church Women’s Fellowship to the Rangeley Health Ride program.

Turning to old business, the implementation of a new Sewer Connection Fee at a flat rate of $3,000, effective January 1st, took center stage. Public hearings are slated to be scheduled from February 13th through March 13th, leading up to a decision on June 11th.

Under new business, the Town Meeting calendar was reviewed, and an amendment to Chapter 38 concerning alternative energy sources was approved following the recommendation of town attorney Chris Collins.

Town Manager Joe Roach provided operational updates in the Town Manager Report, and the Selectmen, after entering into an executive session for labor negotiations, emerged with the approval of two Memoranda of Agreement (MOAs).

The Rangeley Selectmen’s meeting showcased a community committed to careful decision-making, financial prudence, and community welfare. As the town navigates these decisions, the residents look forward to continued transparency and thoughtful governance from their elected officials.

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