For quite some time now, I have been sending you fine folks stories about my life journey. You have by now, realized I can be quite a colorful, cantankerous and mischievous person.  Yes, and a time of two when I made sure, in my opinion, the slates were a bit more even than before. But there is a part of this journey I shall keep close to my heart.  This all started when I began to learn about religion way back in the 1950’s You see, Mother always told me no matter what I did wrong, God would get me for that. So, I just had to find about who this God person was. Just to make sure they were not around if I decided to be the boy I was created to be. We all realize as we get older that our actions are directly our fault. Well, a lot of us do. There are some that still blame it on something their parents did to them when they were young. I will admit some of my reactions are due to things I have learned and was taught quite sternly, I would say. This one thing I learned as I was trying to be a nice person. I failed many times, and yet once in a while I ended up being an ok person.
You must understand that there was a time in my life I could have been referred to as a religious person. I even thought about being a monk as my life journey.  I attended a monastery for a bit to just give it a go. This was not my style, so I came back into the real world. But I was still trying to be sort of religious in nature.

This one little thing I learned a long time ago, got me into trouble. I held the belief that when giving, the right hand should not know what the left hand gave. I understand why museums, churchs, and the like always put a name with a donated article. It is basically so, just maybe, that person will see their name and give again. Yes, in remembrance of someone gone by.  People always tried to convince me that when someone gave an article, there should be a note there who gave what. But I never followed this idea with things I did. I still wanted to follow that old rule of giving without people knowing who gave.
Rangeley had a temporary priest in one of the churches while the governing body was looking for another replacement. They found out I had done some good things and insisted I announce this in front of the church.  I refused and this got me into trouble. They insisted and demanded I stand up and tell the story about such a fine deed.  My answer was always no.  I held the belief we get paid only once for the good deeds we do.  I would rather it be acknowledged on the other side of the curtain of life and not here. So thus, began quite a struggle of power of my belief and someone’s demands.  I have over the years encouraged many people to give without their name being given. I have never given anything with the intentions of having my name placed next to that story. There are many people who want their name right there, but it does not fit my self governing rules.
I firmly believe that one should always give just to be a nicer person. Quite recently I had something given to me that I secretly wanted. The article arrived, and now I have to pass that favor on somehow.  I finally found the answer to that.  That event has now been balanced in my mental files. More than once, I have been accused of manifesting things. Sort of like, if I wanted it, I just thought about it and wallalla, it appears. Even religious leaders have chastised me for manifesting stuff.  No, in my belief, “ask and yea shall receive”.   Believe and it will happen. I guess that makes me almost ready for the funny farm. I do have it on speed dial if I can only remember which number to call.  There is more than one funny farm around the Rangeley area.  You folks, I am sure have heard another say, “now that is funny, how did that happen?”  Yup straight from the funny farm. Once in a while I get a notice, there is still room, and then they discover who I really am. All of a sudden, that door is closed. This is normal, so I just wait for another notice. I guess some funny farms have only enough room for a character such as I?  But, I still have a couple of places in town where I can practice once in a while. That is when I find the gate is left open.
I encourage you folks to be the real you.  Above all know what makes your heart sing. There will be a time when the strings will no longer make a tune.  Be kind and enjoy the laughter and give with the left without the right knowing how much it cost you to give.  Ken White  COB mountainman

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