100 Years Ago: 1924

Mrs. Merritt Farnum entertained a newly formed auction club at the Hotel Atwood last evening. The members of the club have not decided on a name as yet, but expect to choose one before the next meeting which will be held at the home of Mrs. Frank Peck, Feb.5. The first prize last evening was won by Mrs. Marion Kneeland and the consolation prize by Mrs. Alice Cooper.

50 Years Ago: 1974

Mrs. Constance Lambert of Winter St., Lewiston is general chairman of the Snowflake Dance being held by the Parents, Friends Teachers Association of St. Dominic Regional High School.

The dance will be held Saturday night at Holy Cross parish hall between 8:30 pm  and midnight with an orchestra providing music for dancing. Mrs. Gene Langlais, and Mrs. Raymond Pinette are co-chairwomen of tickets and a general committee offering assistance includes Mrs. Merline Ouellette, Mrs. Robert Leblond and Mrs. Louis Mickalide.

25 Years Ago: 1999


Johnny and Laurie Russell didn’t know until their baby was born Friday morning what they would name her. They had brought a book with 10,000 names and like Jazz, Paris, Callie or Madison, but there was not one that felt just right.

But when the 8 pound 14 ounces baby girl finally arrived before 1 am the choice became obvious to the Auburn couple: Lily.

“We were debating right up to the end and when the baby came out and popped her head out of the water. Irene, our midwife, said ‘There’s my little water Lily,'” Laurie says Friday afternoon as she held Lily in her room at Central Maine Medical Hospital., Johnny and Laurie looked at each other and agreed. Lily was the perfect name for her.

Lily is the first baby born in one of the hospital’s new labor tubs, but her delivery there was not planned, said Irene Meyers, the certified nurse-midwife who attended the birth. Laurie had asked me for a pain killer to help her with the contractions, but I suggested she go into the labor tub instead. That relaxed her enough to deliver without medication.

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