100 Years Ago: 1924

Pupils in the Merrill Hill School, Auburn were dismissed yesterday morning because of the coldness in the rooms of those grades.

Every effort was made by the janitor (who worked Sunday and came on the job at 4 am yesterday) to get the building heated to no avail. Some of the children returned in the afternoon.

Some of the parents of these children voiced their opinions about the threatened action of the City Council to cut school appropriations budget when it comes before that body. It is apparent they believe enough money should be allowed the school to “fix up” both city and rural schools so that conditions, such as the above described will not occur.

50 Years Ago: 1974

A Youth Employment service (YES) coordinating the efforts of teachers, guidance counselors and administrative staff has been established at Lewiston Comprehensive High School Guidance Department, designed to provide a one-stop contact for employer and prospective employees. It’s the result of the NOW Career Education Program study during the summer of 1973.


YES will provide information to both students and employers. Through school announcements and publications all students can be aware of the service; students will fill out an employment request form indicating their talents, their desired type of work and the hours they are able to seek employment. A member of the Guidance Department and the NOW program will assist students in seeking employment. Information from employers will be relayed to students.

Employers may call the service for information on potential employees and in the future, the service may be expanded to assist graduating students or students leaving school in obtaining permanent and full-time employment, in addition to assisting with part-time and summer employment.

The service is available to all students whether they intend to go on to college, technical training or into the working world.

25 Years Ago: 1999

A local businessman is working hard to find a site for a new district courthouse. His idea has caught the attention of officials who are discussing the best place for the courthouse.

Bill Johnson, who owns the Main Street insurance company bearing his name, wants to see the long-awaited courthouse stay downtown.


Johnson, who helped bring L.L. Bean to the intown Peck Building as well as fill his own 217 Main Street Building, said he came up with the courthouse idea about the same time he decided to develop property between his building and the School Department’s Dingley Building.

He had secured purchase options for two Lisbon Street buildings. One, the former Lewiston Hardware Building would become the district. The other, the old Ward’s building, would become a two level parking garage. Both buildings are vacant.

Johnson has already transferred the Ward building option to the city.

“Now the city of Lewiston has to be proactive, which means be prepared to clear out some parking.”

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