We need to shed light on our boy Shadow. Shadow found himself at Responsible Pet Care in January of 2022 after his owner passed away. He had no other family to care for him.

730 days in a kennel.

When he first arrived, he was terrified. Not to mention, so we’re the staff. He couldn’t walk on a leash. He couldn’t eat his food without signs of aggression or constantly looking over his shoulder. This went on for months. The staff have been diligently working with him every day to get him to walk on a leash properly. Each day we learned something new about him.

We learned that he loves to be outside. How he loves his back scratched, and he backs up into you for more. His trust in humans has been growing every day. Our goal for Shadow is to show him that humans can love and we believe we reached that goal over these last two years. He gets excited when his humans enter the room now. The day his tail started wagging was the day we knew progress was being made.

The biggest thing that has helped Shadow, are treats and patience. He is now starting to ask for pets by rubbing his head on our hands. He loves Kongs, puzzle toys, or anything that requires food.

Shadow does ok around other dogs, dogs who are well-mannered and calm. We’ve noticed he is quite scared of cats, and we do not think he would do well living in a home with children. He has made so much progress while in our care, and he is slowly but surely coming out of his shell.

Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills is a no-kill, non-profit shelter and adoption center for cats and dogs, and the holding area for stray dogs for 12 towns in Oxford County. The shelter is located at 9 Swallow Road in Paris.

Anyone interested in adopting a pet from RPC can visit the shelter as follows: Monday and Tuesday closed; Wednesday and Thursday noon to 4 p.m.; Friday and Saturday noon to 5 p.m.; Sunday noon to 4 p.m. Most of the adoptable pets and the adoption application can be found on the shelter’s website at

Responsible Pet Care operates a thrift shop called Pawsibilities. It is located at 132 Waterford Road in Norway and is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Donations of clean, usable household items are accepted during shop hours. All the money raised at Pawsibilities supports RPC. For answers to questions about adopting or fostering a pet, or to inquire about a lost animal, call RPC after noon at 743-8679.

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