To the Editor:

It seems a feather or two has been ruffled with my submissions. The irony is the accusations about me are not true. Jane felt that I ‘criticized’ and ‘slammed’ Sunday River, Gould, and the Bethel Inn. I don’t know when acknowledging unsung heroes, kindness in our community, and recognizing that there are many wonderful people and businesses here, in addition to these places, became criticizing.

Our community had people and businesses in it before their existence. That is not a criticism; it is a fact. I am aware of the points made in the response. Also, the Bethel Inn was built to house wealthier clients seeking psychiatric help. This is public information in our town’s history.

No judgment on my part; and as it became a resort, people and businesses came to benefit from that. I do not hate these businesses and in my post back in December stated that they DO benefit our community.

My words were taken as something different than what I said. How all the praise I gave less-noted people in the community can be overlooked is amazing. I don’t expect everyone to agree with everything I say. We don’t agree on everything all the time, and different viewpoints can make our community stronger. Still, judgments and accusations lead us nowhere.

It creates division between us, which weakens us instead of strengthening us. Judgments are based on someone’s perceptions; not truth. It’s important to stay open to many different viewpoints and people should be able to express their opinion. Others can respond and express their viewpoints. Still, we don’t have to call others names like in childhood.


We benefit by helping each other, not tearing each other down; and many here do help each other. I will not apologize for making common sense points, acknowledging the kindness of unsung heroes in the community, or acknowledging aspects of our roots existing before bigger developments.

I cannot stop people from having judgments or perceiving something different than what I have actually written. I will stand up for their right to express themselves; even if I don’t agree with them. It is wise to stand accountable for our own perceptions; and that those perceptions may not be the truth.

We should be allowed to take our perceptions and present a different viewpoint. A variety of viewpoints help us consider things from many sides and not just one; which is valuable.

Jesse An Nichols George

Editor’s Note:  This is the last of the letters on this topic that will be published.

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