Mixed Team Maggie Swain and Morgan Shute practice Session with Walker Robinson. Photo supplied by OIS Jonathan Nackstrand

Boden Gerry of Carrabassett Valley, at right with Bib#1 during practice sessions. Photo by OIS, Jonathan Nackstrand)

Mixed Team Silver Medallists Morgan Shute and Waker Robinson. Photo provided by OIS

GANGWON, SOUTH KOREA – In a dazzling display of talent and determination, three student-athletes from Carrabassett Valley Academy in Maine made their mark at the Youth Olympic Games held in Gangwon, South Korea. Representing the state of Maine with skill and pride, these young competitors showcased their talent on the international stage. All three athletes secured top-10 finishes in their events and will be returning to Maine with two silver medals.

Youth Olympic Games Team USA Ski Cross Coach and Ski Cross Program Director at CVA, Mike Phelan, said the following about the athletes’ efforts,

“The pursuit of excellence at the Youth Olympic Games is an intense battle that tests athletes and coaches in many ways. With 7 challenging heats in Ski Cross and Snowboard Cross racing – 5 initial heats, a semifinal, and the ultimate small or big final- the athletes have a long journey to get to the podium steps. It takes a lot of stamina, grit, and determination to fight that hard, for that long, and our athletes did just that. The preparation for this event from coaches and athletes is a process that takes consistent precision and attention to detail. Everyone involved performed to the best of their ability. I am so proud of my Ski Cross athletes, Morgan and Maggie, and of CVA Snowboard Cross athlete Boden, for the effort that they put in to get the results that they did.”

Ski Cross Medal Journey: Morgan Shute Secures Silver Medal for Team USA

In a remarkable feat for Team USA, Morgan Shute earned two silver medals at the Youth Olympic Games- one in the Individual event and one in the Mixed Team event.

In the Women’s Ski Cross event, Morgan sported Bib 1 after an impressive training day, where she held a lead of over two seconds against her closest competitor. She exhibited exceptional consistency throughout the race. Winning all six heats leading up to the Big Finals, Morgan’s stellar performance in the Big Finals earned her a well-deserved silver medal.


In the Mixed Team event, Morgan came back from a two-second deficit to clinch a spot on the podium. Morgan knew that she had an uphill battle to regain time and places. Her expertise in the sport became evident as she skillfully and steadily reeled in her opponents, securing an impressive second-place finish overall with her Team USA teammate Walker Robinson.

Ski Cross Triumph: Maggie Swain Battles Adversity for a Top Finish

Following a strong training day, Maggie Swain commenced the Women’s Ski Cross race as the third fastest female athlete. Maggie’s results improved with each heat, culminating in first place finishes in her last two heats. Ultimately finishing in ninth-place overall, just outside of Small Final qualification, Maggie’s tenacity and resilience were on full display.

In the Mixed Team event, Maggie battled hard. With intense competition in every one of her heats, she and her Team USA teammate Aiden England, made the Small Finals, where they secured a seventh-place finish for Team USA.

Snowboard Cross Sensation: Boden Gerry Secures Top Honors

Boden Gerry emerged as a standout athlete at the Youth Olympic Games. Entering the competition as the top athlete in his age group, Boden navigated through the heats with finesse, securing victories in six out of his seven heats. Boden showcased grit and determination, finishing strong in fourth-place out of twenty-eight competitors.

In the Mixed Team event, Boden and his teammate, Brianna Schnorrbusch, advanced to the Quarterfinals, securing a commendable ninth-place overall finish in the event.

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