Having worked as a building and plumbing inspector for the city of Lewiston for 31 years prior to my retirement, I had the pleasure of working with David Hediger for nearly 20 of those and saw him develop into one of the best in his field.

In my opinion, his knowledge of code and planning matters is exemplary, and his integrity is beyond reproach.

In light of that, his treatment with regard to the fallout from a code enforcement action has been reprehensible. Apparently, the reward for almost 25 years of service to the city is a bum’s rush out the door under a dubious pretense and without due process.

In my opinion, responsibility for this shabby treatment lies with the city administrator, not only for her lack of support for staff, but also for the failure to mediate the DaVinci’s situation out of the public and political arena as would have been appropriate.

It is difficult to know who is (are) driving the bus that David was thrown under, given the secrecy deemed necessary by those involved to execute this travesty, but it smacks of cronyism, which is not a good look for the City Council or city government in general.

Gary Campbell, Lewiston

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